DarkRP Rules

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DarkRP Rules:
  1. Do not randomly kill people.
  2. Do not randomly arrest people.
  3. Do not speak another language other than English.
  4. Do not purposely exploit 
  5. Do not cheat.
  6. Do not spam chat.
  7. Do not Spam voice.
  8. Do not build or kill in spawn.
  9. Do not argue with staff.
  10. Do not minge or troll.
  11. Do not bring your personal dramas to the server.
  12. Do not prop block.
  13. Do not prop abuse.
  14. Do not advertise other servers.
  15. Do not build a base where the raider purposely cannot shoot back.
  16. Do not use your physgun on a camera to look inside someone's base.
  17. Do not build on the streets unless you're a hobo.

  1. RDM = Random Death Match
  2. NLR = New Life Rule
  3. LTAP = Left To Avoid Punishment
  4. RDA = Random Arrest
  5. OOC = Out Of Character
  6. IC = In Character
  7. FDA = Fading Door Abuse
  8. Meta = Metagaming
  9. CP = Civil Protection
  10. RP = Roleplay
  11. IRL = In Real Life

(A1) Ban [24 Hours]
(A2) Ban [48 Hours]
(A3) Ban [168 Hours]
(A4) Ban [Permanent]

(B1) Jail [10 Minutes]
(B2) Jail [20 Minutes]
(B3) Jail [30 Minutes]

(C1) Mute [10 Minutes]
(C2) Mute [20 Minutes]
(C3) Mute [30 Minutes]

(D1) Kick
(E1) Warning

Job Rules:
Law Enforcement (Army/Civil Protection)
- You cannot be corrupt or do anything illegal.
- You may not own property.
- Don't baton rush (Running into a room with a baton while a player is shooting at you.)
- You may build checkpoints to search people for guns.
- The Lobby of the PD is not AOS/KOS unless under lockdown.
- Inside the PD is AOS unless the player is given permission by an officer or the president.
- You may mine bitcoin inside the bank if a bank manager is present.

Dogs (Dog/Police K9)
- Do not randomly bite people.
- You're not allowed to use a gun.
- You're not allowed to arrest people.
- You may search people for weapons.
+ Law Enforcement rules apply.

- Do not apply outrageous laws.
- You cannot order police to kill.
- You cannot order police to arrest.
- Do not initiate lockdowns without a reason.
+ Law Enforcement rules apply.

- You cannot enforce the law.
- You cannot base alone.
- You cannot protect property without permission from the owner.

Thieves (Thief/Darth Thief)
- 5 Minute cooldown for each raid.
- 5 Minute cooldown on muggins.
- 30 Minute cooldown if raiding the same building.
- 30 Minute cooldown on PD raids.
- 30 Minute cooldown on Bank raids.
- You only have to advert raid if you're raiding as a group.

- Do not openly sexualise yourself to make people uncomfortable.

Hitmen(Hitman/Elite Hitman)
- You may not tell people to place a hit on a specific person.
- You must wait 10 minutes before carrying out a hit on the same person.

Droids & Rebel Fighters
- You may only KOS each other
- You cannot KOS your same team.
- You cannot team up with the opposite team.
- You can raid, but only a person of the opposite team.

Saber Wielders (Luke Skywalker/Darth Sidious)
- Ignite your saber when you want to kill.
+ Droids & Rebel Fighters rules apply

Terrorists (Osama Bin laden)
- You must wait 30 minutes before committing each terror.
- You must advert terror.

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